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Primark 6 Item Mindfulness Collection

Primark 6 Item Mindfulness Collection

Hello Zen Lovers
Have you ever in your wildest dreams associated shopping in Primark with Zen and mindfulness ?  OK you can get up from laughing now, the sheer bloody chaos that comes with doing battle in any Primark store is enough to leave you wanting to run out clutching these 6 new Mindfulness products just to get over the trauma of all that bargain hunting !  Don't get me wrong, I have never walked out of one without a brown carrier, so recently on a trip with one of my girls I spotted this new little collection of bargains, I think the most expensive was £3.00 !!!

Primark 6 Item Mindfulness Collection

Lets start off with Calm Anti Stress Calming Spray £1.50
The bottle Say's its for a calm mind and contains Lavender, Geranium and Ylang Ylang, it tells us to spray stress away and face the day.  How lovely, but WHERE ? where do you spray it ?  I had no clue, the internet gave no clue, Primark's own blog promoting this newness gave no clue, so.......I attempted to peel off the sticker on the back of the spray hoping for some advice, Don't even get me started, the stress that caused and the fact it ruined my varnish left me need the bloody spray to get rid of stress !!!  in a nutshell it said spray on wrist and body avoiding eyes LOL  to be fair it's lovely, all joking aside for £1.50 it's a pretty cool little product.

 Revive Energising Spray  £1.50

The bottle reads Up up and away to start your day, Well !  somehow it was a bit of a booster, knowing now not to spray it in my eyes, a lesson learnt from Anti Stress Calming spray, it was a lively little fragrance containing Ginger and lemon with a zingy boost, yep, thumbs up on this one.

Primark 6 Item Mindfulness Collection

Rest Sleep, Pillow and Body Spray £1.50

At least this one explained itself and where to use it in it's title, containing Lavender and Jasmin I flippin adore this one, I give the pillow a little spritz and spritz all around the bed and it is seriously lovely, don't overdo it though or you will get a damp pillow. This is my favourite, it makes you feel as though you have drifted off after a spa treatment.

Revive Rose & Peony Perfume Oil ( I think £1.50 ) 

This oil apparently can be used alongside Revive spray, they say to dab your wrists with a few drops of oil before using the spray, I didn't like the fragrance mix, but alone the oil is lovely, it's one of those that you just want to keep breathing in, but I am crazed for Rose fragrance so it's a winner for me.

Relax Massage Oil  ( possibly £3.00 ) don't quote me I lost the ticket.

This massage oil again contains Rose and Peony which was said to revive in the perfume oil, however we will ignore that and just say it's lovely, as a massage oil it's not too heavy and slips well, it is amazing on your legs for keeping shins moisturised.

And Last but by no means least 
Revive Lavender Flower & Salt Body Scrub  £3.00
 I would love to see this product in a huge size, it's amazing, containing Lavender, Geranium and Ylang Ylang along with Salt and Lavender Flowers it is one of the best £ 3.00 I have ever spent, wet hands sprinkled in scrub and used in circular motions, dry skin doesn't stand a change, you leave the shower feeling amazing, a so, so clean. I love it.

Overall, these are a crazy bargain, and I have to say pretty impressive products for the money, I did pick them up thinking they were gimmicky and am pleased to say I was proved wrong, I would 100% buy the pillow spray again and the Salt scrub for sure.

Lyn 💋



  1. 13 May 2017 at 09:40

    Never seen these I'll have to have a look next time. Especially the stress spray but at least I'll know where to spray it lol thanks,great read xxx :)

    1. 15 May 2017 at 21:12

      They are a fab bargain Vinne, Lyn x

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