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Studio 10 Eye MakeUp

Studio 10 Make up

Hiya Darlins
As you know this post continues my review of Studio 10 makeup, this time I am looking at Eye Make up, as you know from previous posts on this brand it is especially suited to mature women, and as such everything has been designed to be subtle while having the ability to enhance rather than mask.

Studio 10 Make up

I want to start with Studio 10 Visible Lift I-Definer 
A pallet containing an all in one contouring kit for an instant eye lift, This Italian made kit offers actual skincare in the form of Hyaluronic Acid for moisturising, Nyamplung Oil for it's anti oxidant properties, Vitamin Complex and the brands Trade Marked Suberlift, all completely Paraben and cruelty free. 
It starts with a cream primer followed by powder Neutraliser and powder contour, highlight and define, I use this starting with primer followed by neutraliser all over, contour into the socket line,  define on the corners of the lid, or use as a powder liner, then highlight the brow, in effect you are making up your eyes, but in a way that is subtle and enhancing and gives you a more wide awake 'lifted' look rather than a made up look, which is absolutely perfect when you get to an age that you don't want to look overdone.

With the palette I used the Studio 10 Eye Define Brush
A double ended synthetic fibre brush that is of the softest quality, a perfectly rounded end for applying all over or shaped for the socket line, while the other end is angled and perfect for defining or using as a liner brush.

Studio 10 Make up

Studio 10 I-Lift Longwear Liner 
Again a double ended product, which to me represents value for money, this longwear liner comes in two shades of highly pigmented matte, Dusk which is a deep  purple and a slate grey/blue both are super soft, glide on easily, and fully waterproof and seriously longwear, this is not coming off unless you remove it. Enriched with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.

Last but by no means least is probably my favourite product
  Studio 10 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner

This double ended pencil is a miracle product, it comes in one shade that can be used on any colouring, as you define how light or dark you want the product, I struggle to find light brow products that actually make a difference, this is just amazing, it defines while looking super natural, you don't get that drawn on brow look at all with this, and again being double ended it's great value, this universal pencil comes with a neutral end that will highlight the brow bone giving you a more defines look or cover any errors you may make. I really would give this 10/10 and the best thing is that you are also supporting the Look good feel better cancer charity with the purchase of this product. 

I love the fact that this makeup range is subtle while enhancing, it's perfect for anyone who wants makeup to enhance rather than shout.

Check out my other posts Here  and Here  There will be one final post coming up on this brand where we look at Lips.

Studio 10 can be found here 

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