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Solait at Superdrug

Solait at Superdrug
Solait at Superdrug 

Hiya Darlins
Probably not the best day to talk about tans looking out of the window at a grey stormy looking sky, but then again it could really be the BEST day !

How much better do we feel looking tanned and healthy ? and now everyone is scared of getting a real tan, faking it really is the way to go, I find that nowadays I don't have the patience to lay and cook on holiday like I used to, so bringing some fake into play saves all that sweating, or glowing as we are supposed to say, as after all ladies don't sweat ( right )

If, and I doubt this you are as old as me you will remember the days of the first fake tans........oh my lord, Orange knees, ankles and elbows at school, and nothing was removing that stuff ha ha, the fragrance of biscuit that we all hate now would have been preferable to the pong wafting through my school hall. 

 I have written about Solait from Superdrug previously here  and am happy to announce that I have tested more in the range.

Staring with Solait Overnight Tan Mask 50ml

This is as it says on the box an overnight mask, in the same way that you would use an overnight moisturising mask this gradual tan cream delivers Vitamin E and Aloe Vera while giving you a light overnight glow, it is fully buildable and can be used nightly if you want a darker tan, use a thin coat on a clean face, I gave this 20 minutes to sink in rather than go straight to bed just in case it moved on the pillow, it was a light natural looking colour which wasn't at all scary, as will all tans be careful of putting too much on eyebrows ! as always with this range the smell will have you dreaming of beaches.

Solait Express Tan Mousse 150ml

This super easy express tanning method is a dream to use, the lightweight mousse its applied in a pump method with a tanning mitt, and the golden colour allows you to see exactly where it's going, It dries almost instantly and is ready to wash off in 60 minutes, you can leave it to darken for up to 3 hours, which gives you total control of the level of shade you want to achieve, I truly love the fact that there is no need to sleep in this tan. Again Aloe Vera and Vitamin E care for your skin while you tan.

Solait at Superdrug

Solait Mist Medium Tan 150ml

Tan in a can, I love this, the clear spray reaches the parts other tans can't reach ! 360 Degree angle nozzle allows you to do your back and all the bits that would usually get missed, enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, The super fine spray can be used on both face and body, when I used this I gave it a quick whip over with a  clean tanning mist just to make sure it was even all over, being able to sleep in a tan without fear of marking the bedding is a joy, the tan was not overly dark it looked more golden which I personally loved.

Solait at Superdrug

Solait Bronzer  22g

This finely milled bronzing powder will add a subtle shimmer to your tan, it's ideal for highlighting shoulders, collar bones, cheeks nose and forehead, in fact anywhere you need a subtle glow, apply with a big soft brush and build as little or as much as you need. Use on Face and body, not forgetting your shins :)

Check out the whole Superdrug Solait Range Here 

With Superdrug you are guaranteed to be 100% Happy with every own brand product, if you are unhappy you get your money back, it's as simple as that.

Suitable for both Vegans and Vegetarians, Cruelty Free Approved.

Lyn 💋

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