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Egyptian Magic Summer Savior

Egyptian Magic

Hi Loves

It has been a while since I was this excited about a product, I had heard the name Egyptian Magic and seen it advertised on in flight magazines, but never really gave much thought to it, it seemed on the surface to be another moisturiser, wrong can one person be, ha ha in my case VERY wrong, the simple six ingredients in this pot add up to what has to be described as The one single product you will wonder how you lived without !

  • Olive Oil
  • Bees Wax
  • Honey
  • Bee Pollen
  • Royal Jelly
  • Bee Propolis 
All combine to make up this Cruelty Free 100% natural skin care, On opening the pot you will see a simple looking balm, and there's the magic, it's an optical illusion making you think,  Ok a pot of skin balm..........WRONG.  It has a huge list of uses, some of which I have tried, tested and can tell you about.

The List ( although I am sure someone will have more uses that I don't know about ! )

Egyptian Magic

  1. Moisturiser
  2. Heals Burns
  3. Treats Cuts and Grazes
  4. Fades Scars
  5. Ecxema and Psoriasis Relief
  6. Hair Conditioner
  7. Lip Balm
  8. After Shave Cream
  9. After Sun 
  10. Lady Bits Moisturiser and Lubricant
  11. Hand and Cuticle Cream
  12. Makeup Remover
  13. Eye Cream
  14. Massage Balm
  15. Tattoo Aftercare
  16. Nappy Rash Cream
  17. Pregnancy Body Care 
  18. Makeup Primer
  19. Face Mask
  20. Cracked Heel Care
Egyptian Magic
Egyptian Magic

I have used this as a night time moisturiser which was fabulous, use the smallest amount, and the key with this balm is to warm it in your palms first, you do not need a massive amount at all, mistake I first made by diving in and using a dollop, I used this as an all in one, including eye cream, and woke to moisturised soft skin with no puffiness in the eye area which I find a lot of eye creams can bring. 

For use as a hair conditioner, literally the tiniest amount again warmed into your palms will smooth any split ends on dry hair, but I tried it out as an an all over conditioner wrapped in a towel for a couple of hours, ( again I urge you not to overdo the amount )  you really don't need it, my hair was left soft and shiny as though it had just had a salon treatment. As a lip balm it moisturised and gave a fabulous gloss, this was actually used by Rhianna's make up artist in one of her videos as a lip balm and highlighter, the list of celebrities that endorse Egyptian Magic is endless, so if it's good enough for them !
Anyway I digress, I had Mr LB use this as an aftershave balm, he loved it, and although I can't confirm it, apparently it's great at preventing ingrown hairs.  
 For hand and cuticle care, the performance was no less than miraculous, I suffer with very dry hands and my cuticles are a constant source of embarrassment, this balm has literally made a visible improvement to both my hands and cuticles, I plan to get some cotton gloves and apply this this balm for a weekly hand mask, I am sooo Hollywood I know :)

As an eye make up remover, it will dissolve anything from tubing mascara to waterproof mascara and liner, the thing I love about this is that I am convinced it conditions your lashes although I have not seen it reported anywhere, I have been using it for that purpose at night.  I can't say that I have tested out it's qualities as a massage balm, I have yet to convince a certain person that he needs to do this for the purpose of the blog ( hey ho, we live in hope  )

As a makeup primer it is amazing, truly fabulous ( again ) tiny tiny amount warmed into your palm, this gave the best base ever for foundation.  Using Egyptian Magic as a face mask could seriously become addictive, for this I use a little more, and although probably NOT the way to do it, I put it everywhere, eyes, lips even ear lobes, well they age too !  and relax, well you have no choice but to close your eyes with my method, I leave it for a good half an hour and remove with a warm damp flannel ( wash cloth for my US readers ) it is heaven, soft, fresh and bouncy skin with a glow that only happens with happy skin.

I cannot describe just how fabulous this simple looking plastic tub is, it has no need for fancy packaging, the pot wouldn't be big enough to write all of the merits on the label, you just need to try it for yourself, it's one of those products that you will replace and keep in the house forever.

Find Egyptian Magic Here 

Have you tried Egyptian Magic ?  please do let me know your thoughts.

Lyn 💋  

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