Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Norvell Ultra Vivid Boost Colour Building Tan Extender

Hi Loves

I keep looking out of the window every single morning hoping for the return of our glorious sunshine, it seems to have left us, let's hope not for long.

When you manage to get a bit of a tan either from the UK or some gorgeous foreign holiday the last thing you want is for it to disappear before your eyes!  I recently tried out Norvell Ultra Vivid. A tan booster which gradually builds colour. So basically a fake tan!  I am a complete coward when it comes to tanning products, and as I did have a bit of natural colour I was a little loathed to try this out as I didn't want to spoil what I already had and go Orange or streaky.

I applied the tan extender with a mitt, it does instruct you to use your hand but I always like to think I know best :)  it came out of the tube the darkest brown ever!!!!!!!  Oh my lord I have to admit to being somewhat afraid of what I was about to subject my body to. The colour applied really easily and being dark it made it easy to blend, so far so good, the fragrance was good, no strong biscuit smell.  The instructions said I would see a result in 2-3 hours and a further application could be applied after 8 hours. I did the application early evening and by bedtime I was looking a lil bit fabulous, or so the family said, I decided to sleep in the tan and shower it off in the morning. Nothing on the sheets at all!  It did get the biscuit smell the longer it was on but that was down to me I think for leaving it so long.

The morning arrived, I examined all over and it was looking good, in actual fact too good to be true I thought ahhhh this is going to disappear down the drain in the shower, nope. A little residue washed away but I was left with a stunning natural looking colour and nothing transferred onto a pure white towel when I dried.

With my hand on heart I can honestly say I have NEVER experienced a tanning product this good, I used to have regular spray tans that were less even than this one.

Find Norvell Ultra Vivid Boost Here

Cruelty Free. Vegan.

Lyn x 

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