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W=Hb² Power Duo Face Serum | la formule secrète

 Secret Formula Power Duo Face Serum W=HB²

W=Hb² Power Duo Face Serum | la formule secrète
W=Hb²  Power Duo Face Serum | la formule secrète 

Hi Gorgeous.

Introducing W=Hb² (Wellness = Health &  Beauty squared), 
la formule secrète an exclusive, premium beauty brand committed to perfection through the science of wellbeing and inspired by the Yin Yang Chinese philosophy of total balance. Created by Yilin Wang, a leading Bio-Chemist, W=HB² has been researched, developed and produced in one of the leading skincare laboratories in Switzerland using advanced technologies to create a brand that delivers results.

W=Hb² Power Duo Face Serum | la formule secrète
W=Hb²  Power Duo Face Serum | la formule secrète 

This debut product, Power Duo Serum is a an incredible double pump, two-phase, triple action skincare treatment. Helping to promote balanced skin health, beauty and protection, this two-phase serum breaks new ground by combining a powerful anti-ageing action for skin beauty in phase I with intense brightening and pure anti-pollution actions for skin health in phase II. Containing a cocktail of proven ingredients including unique stem cells, peptides, niacinimide and probiotcs. This multi-tasking serum is said to  combat wrinkles, promote radiance, reduce age spots, protect against pollution and help repair UV induced DNA damage.

W=Hb² Power Duo Face Serum | la formule secrète

I have been using this serum for some time now at first sparingly as it's not a cheap product. In terms of skincare this is high end. Is it worth it? well that's for you to judge, skincare is such a personal thing and I can only go by the results a product gives me in terms of value for money. I have had the pleasure of testing out some incredibly pricey creams and potions which to be honest have not made it to the blog. This however is the exception, my curiosity was peaked as it is is a move away from K beauty and J beauty, and I have always felt that the Chinese have the perfect way of balancing both health, wellbeing and beauty.  I have loved my time with this Serum it gives you the feeling that you are treating your skin not just on a superficial level but deep down to the soul, with the dual phase application you are getting not only beauty but a healthy balance thrown in. The pump applicator in the Yin Yang symbol shape delivers just the perfect amount, phase 1 is a super lightweight gel type formula that absorbs quickly leaving your skin brighter, fully hydrated and ready for phase 2 which is the soothing healing health part of the process. The combination of this cocktail gives the skin a fresh glow which on the surface appears younger due to the super hydration properties, fine lines appear reduced and an overall healthy glow gives the skin a relaxed fresher appearance. Once used continue with your usual skincare routine as you would with any serum.

Don't even ask me why?  but every time I used this product it reminded me of when I was a child with waist length hair, being washed over a sink with a jug! I remember always hating it and yelling for my Mum to stop after the first wash. Her words were always the same; "the first time to be clean the second time to be pretty"  to be fair I didn't want to be pretty I just wanted her to stop!  Even back then health and beauty were going hand in hand.

Made in Switzerland.

Vegan & suitable for all skin types, no perfume or artificial colours.

W=HB² Will be available in Selected High End Retailers. In the meantime it is available direct from 

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