Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The problem with the gym

Hi Loves

I was thinking about this whole Gym malarkey, as you know since the flippin heart thing I have been trying to improve my fitness levels, of course I need to shed some of my winter hibernation layers, but largely it was to be able to breathe.  It has to be said I am a reluctant gym visitor, you will find me pouring for hours over fitness clothes, trainers and the like, and yes I have even signed up to fitness clothing subscriptions, that was all the fun bit, the not so fun bit is actually getting yourself there in the first place.

Some 6 years ago ( where did that time go?) I was literally obsessed with the gym, I used to go from one class into the next and rush from work to make my classes even sometimes doing six Zumba classes a week often 2 hours back to back, what happened you may ask?  I ask myself this on a daily basis, I guess I thought I was there!  wherever there is?  and started slacking and eating out more often telling myself it was all good I needed a life, which was my excuse, what I should have found was balance or moderation which is something I have never been good at, why have one chocolate when there's a whole box crying out for love?  So on top of this laziness came a lot of rather large Steroid doses, once 6 days constantly fed steroids by drip. If anyone has ever experienced this joy you will know the size that comes with it!  I know there a people on the Internet who say non of it matters and you should love your body, and that's right to a point, but when you can rest a dinner plate on your chin you know you got a problem. The paramount thing for me was that I felt like absolute cr@@ I had no energy and everything was an effort, 3 stone in under 12 months was a lot for my bod to take on.  so back in the gym.  OHHHHHH the first time, the second time and a few times after that I had to have my hand held, I was so bloody embarrassed, not so much at my size but just how unfit I was, it was chronic, and this is where the problem with the gym kicks in. You join and some uber fit 20 year old boy wants to run you through a fitness assessment, no thanks love not in this life time am I being that shown up!  I just want to blend into the background in my dull old gym gear, I don't want anyone to look at me let alone point out just how unfit I am!  so you start day one; you step on a treadmill  (because at least you are confident you can walk, after all you have been doing it for years) look around and you have two major fit birds running as though the shops are about to shut either side of you, so you plod along trying to look as though you are enjoying it and anyway, who wants to be that slim and beautiful?  gradually you convince yourself every time you pick up your keys to DRIVE to the gym to WALK that you are getting there and things are getting easier, and guess what? they actually are, it takes no time at all to start feeling a little bit better, notice I didn't say good? but honestly more than your body it helps your mind to know that you are actually doing something for yourself.  I am still a sweating mess, but I am beginning to enjoy my workout sessions, enjoy not love!  I am hoping the love will come later, but if you are even slightly considering doing something, as Nike say *just do it*  cheesy but it's true, your head will love you for it and your body will follow. After all it has no choice :) 

Lyn x 

Photo Liverpool One Gym. 


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