Wednesday, 8 March 2017

DHC Lip Cream

DHC Lip Cream

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Pucker up, we are talking lips, well lip condition actually. Winter is horrendous on the lips, with the skin being so much thinner it is easily affected by the cold and central heating, the changes in temperature we endure are endless and all this has an effect on our kissing apparatus.  On a personal note if I go one day with bare lips they suffer, which is why I was pretty pleased to try out the DHC Lip Cream, is it a cream or a balm ?  the packaging says both but whatever you want to call it I call it brilliant.

DHC Lip Cream
DHC Lip Cream

As usual with the Japanese skincare company DHC I wasn't left disappointed and pouting, this little tube of goodness can be used alone, under lipstick or over the top of lipstick for a fabulous gloss, unlike a lot of lip balms it isn't greasy, it is more of a lipstick conditioning texture and is really comfortable to wear, I often find that balms soften the lips so much you end up chewing off bits of skin ( gross )
containing Aloe, Vitamin E and of course DHC trademark ingredient Olive Oil it is doing good while looking good, the perfect lip primer for any time of year, in my opinion this one is definitely a keeper.

DHC Lip Cream
DHC Lip Cream

Find DHC Lip Cream Here with free postage 

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