Thursday, 2 March 2017

Rich Girl Poor Girl Blogger

Rich Girl Poor Girl Blogger

Hi Loves 
This post is mainly for the bloggers and influencers out there, so my usual beauty reader may want to skip this post.

I have just read a post by the gorgeous Jemma at Dorkface you can read it  ( thank you Gemma I hope you don't mind me referencing, this post really did get me thinking, obviously at my age I may see things very differently to the younger bloggers so bear with.  Is there such a thing as a class system now ? I'm not 100% sure there is, over my 60 years one of the things I have definitely learnt is money certainly will not give you class, I remember as a kid asking my Mum what class we were, bearing in mind this would be in the 60s, she was adamant that we were lower middle class, to this day that makes me laugh, I mean seriously WTF is that about ?  I wanted her and my Dad to move us to the Council Estate I wanted to live in the flats, the kids in the flats had fun playing out, I was allowed between 2 lamp posts, no further, on out Street in Streatham, London where we lived in a doll house sized house that they rented, yep she polished the step weekly and washed her nets and cleaned the windows every Wednesday, maybe that's what made us Lower middle class, we had clean nets !

As a teen and into my 20s & 30s I was label obsessed, working in the City meant that I didn't even want to appear lacking to my fellow train passengers, I would get into debt just to own STUFF, it was life or death to own the latest bag etc, nowadays things are different, of course I don't aim to look like a tramp BUT if you need to judge me by my bag then we really didn't ought to be friends coz you are not my type of girl, my life is comfortable, I remain eternally grateful to be in the position to try out some seriously luxurious products for the blog, and live in a fairly comfortable house, I am still working class regardless of my Mum's view, I have no problem with it, I have a cockney accent ( common if you like ) and I have no problem with that either, I recall being described as an extra from East Enders once by a particular power mad bitch lol, who lost her job funnily enough, there's Karma !  When I was younger I wanted to appear posh, for gawds sake not a bloody chance was that ever going to happen, no amount of Gucci or Chanel was making that happen ever, I have come to learn that nothing matters, we all leave in a brown box and along the way if you have been a decent human being that's all that really counts.

What I am attempting to say here, in my usual rambling way is that there will be girls who appear to have it all, and these girls want to show it off to you, trust me, they are no different to the girl who carries a Primark bag, in fact the girlie that can carry anything off with confidence and a smile gets my vote, if STUFF makes you happy, fair play to you but if you strive for stuff thinking it will make you happy or a better blogger, stop and get a reality check, being debt free and pleased for the bird with with the bag, shoes etc will bring you far more peace of mind.

Also it is a British trait to admire those that struggle and we cheer on the underdog ha ha 

Just be you and be happy being you, nothing else matters.

Lyn x


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