Friday, 24 March 2017

So Eco Foundation Brush

So Eco Foundation Brush
So Eco Foundation Brush

Hi Darlins

Eco friendly make up brushes, how odd is it that this has never occurred to me before, I would like to think that I do my bit for the environment, I have various recycle bins, I put the food waste out every week, and I don't buy carrier bags, but in terms of being Eco Friendly that's a pretty miserable effort in truth.

So Eco Foundation Brush

I had never before even thought about something like a make up brush until the lovely people at So Eco introduced me to their brushes.

So Eco Foundation Brush

With 100% recyclable packaging, All of the components of the brush have been responsibly and ethically sourced, Sustainable bio degradable materials from PEFC Sources, even the little window on the box is made of corn starch.
Bamboo Handles, recycled Aluminium Ferrules and Taklon Bristles, I had to search Taklon and I found this.
Taklon is the common name for a synthetic fiber used in artist-quality paint, makeup and pin stripe brushes.

So Eco Foundation Brush

Even the printing on the packages is from Vegetable Ink.

So, how does the brush perform ?
Amazingly well I have to say, the Bamboo handle is lovely to hold and is especially shaped for comfort, but the best thing is that it won't roll off your table onto the floor !

The bristles are so soft it's hard to imagine they are synthetic, they pick up product really well and leave a smooth line free finish.   I can't get over the fact that this brush is only £3.99 

Find these fab brushes by clicking the links below.

Is having Eco friendly brushes something you have ever considered ?

Lyn 💋


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