Monday, 27 March 2017

Routine Love it or Hate it

Hiya Loves

Just thought I would put these thoughts out there as it is something that I have been giving a lot of thought to recently.  

 Routine do you love it ? or do you fight against it ?
Like it or not from small children our lives are ruled by it, probably starting with your Mum  feeding you every four hours
 ( that's deep ) but seriously every single aspect of our lives is routine in one way or another, from getting ready to get to school on time as a child, to the 9-5 we find ourselves in as adults, on a personal level I have always hated routine, it has always felt as though life was forcing me into this box of doing the " right " thing, my kids were at school on time, sometimes mistakenly on a Saturday :)  I was never late for work/appointments etc as though there was a prize for perfection at the end of it, I did it all, hating every single second of this forced lifestyle, my poor children ( I was a single parent for 10 years ) had weekdays full of  "hurry up we are going to be late" to weekends of  " Mum when are we having dinner ?"    at weekends I rebelled the forced perfection and timing went out of the window.
Eventually the birdies flew the nest, I was working full time in my own business and had the opportunity to really kick back and do things my way, other than being at work on time, I could pretty much do as I pleased, so what did I do ?  came home from work at the same time, put the kettle on at the same time everyday and arrived at the gym at the same time every day, taking Thursday nights off from the gym to clean the house as though my life depended on it, for it to be nice to come home to on Friday nights with the weekend ahead !  what on earth ?  I was giving myself the one thing I had spent my life rebelling against.

Moving on, I am now at home full time blogging, I can get up whenever I want, eat when it suits, in truth do whatever I want whenever I want, apart from 5.00 when "him indoors" arrives home and dinner is on the table by 5.30 my life is pretty much chaos, and guess what ?  yep you guessed, I hate it !  it's all so disorganised I feel lost, I feel as though I have lost purpose and wander aimlessly through most days not achieving very much at all, everyday blends into the next, unless I go into London for a blogger event or meeting.  Every Sunday night I go to bed with the thought that this week I shall get up at a certain time and work my day in a timed list, LOL truth being told the man brings me tea and 5.30 I spend hours on social media before even thinking about starting the day, and every day when he returns at 5.00 I berate myself for having wasted yet another day with no plan, don't get me wrong, everything gets done, the house is clean, we are fed and watered, my animals are not due to be taken by the RSPCA but it all happens in a very as and when style, and I DON'T like it........ ha ha, well who knew eh ?  after years and years of fighting routine, it has taken me until 60 to realise I actually need it !

Please do give me your thoughts on this topic, if you didn't lose the will to live reading this I congratulate you, I know it was a long one.

Lyn 💋

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  1. Vicki27 March 2017 at 07:49

    I worry about this when working from home. I think a way around it is to structure your day and build your own routine and more importantly, stick to it! Easier to say than do I imagine but it's so easy to let the day drift away with out structure. Hope you find a way to help you love it.

    1. 27 March 2017 at 14:17

      Thanks Vicki you are 100% right it's way to easy to drift, I shall get my trusty pen and paper to work with lists. have a great day, Lyn x

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