Friday, 29 January 2016

DHC Reservatrol Skincare

Hi Darlins,

I am seriously late in bringing this fabulous skincare range to you, DHC the Japanese skincare company are becoming well known for simple step skincare that packs a powerful punch.
DHC Reservatrol Skincare beauty from Japan

There is nothing too complicated about this, which I absolutely love, those of you that know me already know my views on over complicated skincare routines, and I often think it's a ploy to make us spend more.

The Reservatrol system is a simple 3 step procedure, easy to do, quick no complicated but don't be fooled, this range really does make a difference.  If you have any signs of dryness or rough skin, this is the one for you.

After cleansing, 

Step one:   
Reservatrol Lotion, 120 ml  this is a toner to ensure your skin is thoroughly free from residual cleanser and provides a serum type barrier.

DHC Reservatrol Skincare beauty from Japan

Step Two: 
Reservatrol Essence, 45 ml  This serum glides on like silk and literally takes seconds to dry in ready for the next stage.

DHC Reservatrol Skincare beauty from Japan

Step Three : 
Reservatrol  Cream 43 g A beautiful almost gel cream moisturiser that again feels like silk when applying.

DHC Reservatrol Skincare beauty from Japan

At the end of the tree stages you can visibly see the difference in hydration, and feel that your skin has more bounce, this hydration can actually be felt by touching your face last thing and it feeling exactly the same as when you first applied, Not many moisturising products can actually do that, a lot look great for a few hours, then if you have dry skin literally disappear leaving you looking dry and tired.

As you know, I never check prices before testing the products or reading the website, I was very pleasantly surprised at these prices, I would have expect much much higher for the quality.

Apparently the secret to it's success is Antioxidant and Polyphenol found in the skin of red grapes.

Seriously worth a Try, as you will have seen from a couple of previous posts, this is a brand that has really  caught my attention of late. 

DHC Liquid Liner

DHC Velvet Skin Coat

Check Out The DHC Range Check out DHC  You MUST click on the UK site at the bottom of the page. 

Love n  Hugz
Lyn x

May contain PR/brand samples 

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