Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Verso Intense Facial Mask Review

Hi Darlins,
As you all know by now I am mad for a face mask, sheet masks really seem to be the love affair of 2015 and set to continue due to ease of use and total feel good factor.

I have had the absolute pleasure in testing out a brand new mask to me from the Swedish skincare experts at VERSO.

Verso Intense Facial Mask Review

This phenomenal brand are set to take the beauty industry by storm in the UK, as I believe that once you try these products you will become hooked, already boasting a huge fan base among beauty officionados the company have developed the unique formula of Retinol 8,  As you will know Retinol is one of the key components in slowing down the ageing process boosting collagen and helping to repair damage by free radicals, although it can irritate the skin, knowing this Verso developed Retinol 8, a vitamin  A derivative that is 8 times more potent than original Retinol and a lot more gentle on the skin.

Verso Intense Facial Mask Review

This Mask contains Retinol 8, and is in the form of a hydrogel 2 piece mask that is applied for 20 minutes to fresh cleansed skin.  Being hydrogel it fits perfectly and unlike some gel masks that I have tried actually stays in place if you chose to move around, personally I prefer to zone out for the 20 minutes it takes for the Retinal 8 to do it's magic.  The amount of product on the mask and in the pack would actually allow you to use this mask a second time.  ( my opinion only  )  or if you have a modern man, give him the second go :) Once removed you simply massage the remaining product into your skin, resulting in a fresher more moisturised skin that you can visibly see.
These masks will be available from 15th February exclusively at for one month only before they are available in SelfridgesSpace NK and Feel Unique.
It may be worth checking with to see if you can pre-order these, as I'm sure they will be a huge hit when they reach the market.
Love n Hugz
Lyn x
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