Monday, 11 January 2016

Week One Diet / fitness Dairy

Hiya Darlins,

This is my first time writing about my fat :)  all 4 stone of the additional stuff I am carrying around, as I have previously written this is no ones fault but my own, I am a binge eater, most people, ( normal ) people will enjoy a biccie or two with a cuppa, noooooooo not me, my porkie mitt is on auto pilot until the pack is empty, enjoying a sandwich so much I will easily shlep out to the kitchen and make another !

I don't have a problem with weight at all, but it has a problem with me, I feel unwell when I am overweight, I get out of breath and tired, I have gone from the woman who was obsessed with body building, in younger years, 2 years ago I was easily doing 6 hours of Zumba a week often with 2 classes back to back, to now.....not even wanting to walk the one mile trip into my village !

Well last week, was the start of a huge journey that I actually started planning in November last year, in my infinite wisdom, I decided that it would be stupid to start before Christmas and that I may as well enjoy myself over the festive festive season was from the beginning of Nov until Jan 4th ha ha, adding an additional stone in that time, you see I only have to look at naughty food and it glues itself straight to my body.

 I have recently had a passion for the now super sized crumpets that are being sold to us by the Muppetts, well this Muppett was adding cheese, I may as well just have saved the toasting and glued the things to my arse, coz thats where they ended up !!!!!

So, Last Monday began with me filling the water filter aiming to do 2 jugs a day, returning to black coffee and reducing my beloved cup of tea to 2 a day, and dragging out the Nutri Bullett from it's dark corner in the cupboard.

I don't for one moment think you want a blow by blow of the daily shizz but I will do a quick breakdown weekly, more to make myself accountable than anything else.

Protein smoothie for breakfast ( banana, spinach, scoop of Protein powder, water )

Lunch : Protein powder mixed with water.

Dinner, HUGE mixed salad with every veg I could lay my hands on and Salmon Fish cake and Avocado.

I managed to drink about 2 n half litres of water.


Same all day.
Evening, same salad with Salmon and avo.

Again a ton of water.


Only managed one protein smoothie all day as was really busy.

Dinner Salad, with 2 sausages, weird but it's what I was making himself for dinner.

Evening fail, someone, mentioning no names wanted me to make some Semolina in the evening, so i gave in to temptation.  epic fail, on day 3.


Smoothie with half banana, spinach, coconut oil, almond butter and protein powder.

Same for lunch.

Evening, Salad with sliced turkey and Avo.


Nothing all day, really busy being out all day, and rather than eat junk, I ate nothing.
Evening, Huge Salad with Salmon and avo.
satsuma and banana in evening.


smoothie to start.
evening Sirloin steak, salad, avo.
Ready for this.......gave in and had a slice of Lemon cheesecake with cream !

Full English Fry up in Butter.

evening. salad with Salmon and lime fish cake.

As you can tell this isn't a planned diet, I am not following a particular diet plan, what I do know from experience is the less carbs I eat the more I lose and the better I feel, too much wheat and my joints ache. So by the end of the week I did feel better, I could not stop peeing, which I must admit really got on my nerves, but I expected to shed water weight in the first week.

Brands used this Week.

NutriBuddy Protein Powder in Vanilla.  This product is being used for review Blog post Due

NutriBuddy  Hunger fix pills.  This product is being used for review Blog post Due

NutriBuddy Multi Vitamin  This product is being used for review Blog post Due

H30 Hydration  from Rejuvenated  Read about this Here

Nutri Bullet for Blending  

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil  

Meridian Almond Butter 

If I state that a product is being used for review, it is NOT a recommendation, My opinion has not yet been formed :)

My first weigh in was last Monday on waking.

This Monday Week One Loss 


All in all I am pretty pleased, although  slightly disapointed as I cheated and went on the scales a couple of days ago, and was showing a 10lb loss. But I have comited to Monday Morning being the weight I will go by.

I do know that the first week will always show a good result due to water loss, but lets see what next week brings :)

Love N Hugz
Lyn x


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