Saturday, 16 January 2016

Tanya Burr Cookie Cutter Glitter Nail Polish

Hiya Darlins,

It's rare for me to write something negative about a product, but this I had to share with you, as it really should come with a warning......something like this......This Polish should only be used by the retired.

Tanya Burr Cookie Cutter Glitter Nail Polish

Let me just say that I adore Tanya Burr nail polishes, both for the colour range and lasting power, but THIS !!!!!!  I say it should be used only be retired people ( coz aint nobody got time for that ! ) unless they are retired.

Oh my lord, the perfect winter glitter in the most adorable colour ( Cookie Cutter ) it looks STUNNING in the bottle, and I have seen many many reviews raving about it.  Not me, but lets start with a positive, it goes on easily, another positive, it looks great on your dressing table...........thinking..............

I used this for a night out and yes it looked pretty, it felt as though you had stuck sandpaper to your nails, it felt as though it was scratchy and rough, I am not a glitter polish virgin and do know that some feel slightly rough and are a pain to remove, but THIS.
I started trying to remove it it 2.50pm by 3.20 pm I was only 3 nails done, I tried everything, polish remover, also the polish remover that comes in the pot with a sponge, wrapping them in polish remover soaked cotton wool pads, the stuff wasn't budging !  I had visions of needing a belt sander to remove the stuff, after 45 minutes I took a break, and on the final 3 nails discovered it was easier to soak the nail and scrape it off !

I'm so glad my night out was good to make this suffering worthwhile lol.

Sorry Tanya Love, but from now on I will avoid your glitters like the plague.

Love N Hugz

Lyn x


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