Monday, 25 January 2016

Week 3 Diet | Fitness update

Hiya Darlins, 

well here we are again, another week of being *good*  well you will be the judge of that to be fair.  Whenever I write this thing there are always a couple of things I know I shouldn't have done, or could have done better, and I always think my readers are thinking, well what did she expect eating that ? BUT I promised myself this would be honest, so I have to take the good with the bad.

I don't know if I mentioned before, but I always write this diary on Sunday evenings before my Monday morning weigh in, so at the time of writing my shameful admissions I have no clue as to the impact these fails have had on the scales lol *scared*


A.M   Protein shake. banana, 1 scoop Protein powder from Nutribuddy ( vanilla ) handful fresh Spinach, water, whizzed in Nutri Bullet .

P.M   Huge skinless chicken breast Salad, with Avo. ( always with Avo lol )

Gallons of green tea with lemon, I did have milk normal tea first thing, and one before bed which is de-caff.

Tuesday : 

A.M   Woke up starving, which had me thinking it was a good thing and my metabolism was starting to kick in, as I never ever wake up thinking about food.  Protein shake ( see Monday )

Lunchtime :  Mushroom omelet with 3 eggs, mushrooms, and a tiny bit of grated cheese.

P.M  Huge Turkey breast  with Salad + Avo.  SEMOLINA in the evening !!!!!!!

Wednesday :  Green Tea all day, feeling guilty about the Semolina.

P.M Chicken breast sausages x 3 with Salad and a few sweet potato wedges cooked in Olive oil.

Thursday :  A.M  Protein Smoothie with Frozen mixed berries, 1 scoop nutribuddy protein powder, spinach and water.  like a sour frozen smoothie :(

Didn't do well on the water or green tea today, normal tea all day with milk :(

P.M  Dusted Bassa Fillet with salad.

Friday :  Fasting till lunchtime due to hernia scan.  ( all good )

Late Afternoon : Blueberry Sports Shake, which is a meal replacement that you just add water.  these I could actually live on, it's like the worlds best milkshake.

P.M  :  Hache Steak with Salad, this was so filling I probably could have had half.

Saturday : 

A.M  Full English cooked in Butter ( no Bread ) bacon, toms, mush, 2 x egg + Avo.

P.M  Roast Turkey Breast , half pack Uncle Bens micro rice + Steamed cabbage. 

Sunday :  

A.M  Full English in butter, ( no bread ) 

P.M  Turkey breast, Salad.

Tons of green tea with lemon all day.

This week did, have some real iffy moments, went food shopping hungry, which is always a bad thing, Mr LB decided, to eat 2 fresh cream apple turnovers in the car driving home lol grrrrrrr

Starving after the fasting scan, I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't have had the meal replacement to grab quickly.

BUT, I have to say, it has been fabulous this week to have things like the Chicken breast Sausages, Hasche steaks and Turkey breasts, I did a huge order from a company called Muscle Food, if you don't know them, they started out as food for body builders and now are HUGE, they deliver a huge variety of meat, veg, proteins, protein puds etc, all in a chilled box to your door.

The prices are ridiculously cheap for meat that has no additives, water, sugar etc, and grass fed beef. 

I have a link here that will get you free Chicken breasts with your first order, also they do a new user pack, where you get something like £150.00 value for £49.00, I had this when we first tried them, it was brilliant, and totally kept us going for ages.

Musclefood Link Here 

This weeks weight PLUS 1lb   Disappointed is an understatement, but maybe it's last weeks, Birthday Italian Meal and Birthday cake catching up on me !

Hey ho..........onwards and upwards.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


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