Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year New You ?

Well here it is...2016 

I didn't do anything exciting last night, as I don't really love New Years Eve, I don't know why I just never really have, me n him had a glass or two and watched telly, kissed at 12 and had all the kids on a whatsapp group as they were scattered doing their own New Years things. 

The joys of the Internet, having them all in one place to chat to and send silly face pics :) usually there is something a little sad about leaving the old year behind, but this year I was desperate for 2016 to arrive, it's mad as I have no idea why ?  last year wasn't so bad, the usual odd drama that at the time you think is the end of the world, and reality is, we are always strong enough to cope.  For some strange reason I feel that this year holds promise and has a really positive feeling to it. 

I stopped making resolutions as a teenager, but if you have I hope you fulfil every dream on your list, and if you don't then sod it, just make a new list, nothing is forever, and nothing really matters. 
 Maybe it's an age thing but I have become far more chilled in realising what is and what isn't important in life, and the saying that " Life is short " sounds like a cliche but it's sooo true.  Instead of killing yourself working for the future, stop and think about now, the future is on us a lot faster than we ever think when we are in our twenties.

I guess, what I am saying quote another cliche " Stop and smell the roses "  

Wishing you all the very BEST of everything in this shiny New Year.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


  1. 2 January 2016 at 12:18

    G'morning Lynda ... thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your post. I'm 53 now and I know exactly what you mean about being more chilled now. I take things in stride and now find myself saying 'no, I don't feel like it but thanks' and not even feeling bad later. Most things that in the past would have created drama in my mind and life ... now I shrug my shoulders and think 'oh well' lol. It's a nice place to be ;) Donna (in Ontario Canada)

  2. 2 January 2016 at 16:18

    Hi Donna, I bet you are like me and wish you had found this peace years ago ? I love it now.

    Lyn xx


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